Masonic Ambassador Expectations and Agreement

As a Certified Masonic Civility Ambassador:

  • I promise and commit to conform to the principles upon which I have been trained, in my Masonic, professional, and personal circumstances. I affirm that dignity, fairness,compassion, and empathy are hallmarks of our Craft.
  • I desire to repair our world by improving relationships and communication between people and groups of all backgrounds, races, and creeds.
  • I shall endeavor to satisfy requests with the highest quality programs or services of the Masonic Civility Project to meet the expectations.
  • I shall strive to reasonably accommodate all requests for presentations and activities when and where possible in further promoting the objectives of the Civility Project.
  • Should a requested meeting or presentation not be practical, I will engage a member of the Masonic Civility Committee along with the requesting person to arrange, if possible,a substitute agreeable date and location.

As an AMBASSADOR, I further affirm that a primary objective is attaining and improving upon positive communication in all sessions and presentations:

  • I will contribute to conflict resolution and de-escalation of hostilities while conducting a session/presentation, should any arise, using all resources at my disposal.
  • I will exercise discretion ensuring that my presentations are safe spaces for all participants.
  • I recognize the value of each participant, and will make clear that all participants are equal, having the expectation to be treated as such by myself and other participants.
  • I will conduct all sessions displaying mutual respect for all participants regardless of beliefs, race, religion, sexual identity or preference, without judgment.
  • By operating on the level, my goals include ensuring that relationships within an organization or group continue improving using suggested tools, thus cementing ideas for practice long after the session is over.

As a member of the AMBASSADOR cadre, I agree that:

  • My presentations and interactions are conducted with the highest degree of professionalism and civility, by always operating upon the level.
  • I will offer opportunities for feedback from participants following each presentation.
  • I will acknowledge any critique with an improvement mindset and use the opportunity to continually improve myself and my sessions/presentations. This includes passing along all worthwhile suggestions for consideration to the Civility Project as a whole.

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