Application Form

This online program is offered in the following sequence of modules, which you are able to complete at your own pace.

Once we have confirmed that you are in good standing, you will be sent your own unique passcode which will allow you to access the portion of the course material you are to study and complete next.

  • Introduction by Russ Charvonia, PGM of California
  • Role of the Civility Ambassador
  • The Masonic Civility Ambassador Model
  • The Civil Dialogue Exercise
  • “Solomon’s Wheel
  • Civility in the Lodge
  • Certified Civil

A quiz will follow each of these modules. Successful completion of the quiz will take you to the next module.

The Masonic Civility Ambassador Certification Exam will consist of writing a 250-500 word essay which can be completed electronically. Your essay will be evaluated by one of our Civility Ambassador mentors.

You will be scheduled for an Interview with a representative from Masonic Civility Committee.

Upon successful completion of the training course, you will Graduate and receive Certification by the Worldwide Civility Council. After payment of a Course Fee of $60 you will receive the Masonic Civility Ambassador Package consisting of: a certificate, ID card, and polo shirt identifying you as a certified civility ambassador.