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Sponsored by the Worldwide Civility Council

We see, hear, feel and, thus know that the world about us is becoming increasingly uncivil. We lament this fact, and fear the kind of world we may leave to our children and grandchildren unless something is done.
The question is: What can be done about it?
And, more to the point, what can we as Freemasons do to stem the tide of this rancor and hostility and bring civility as a revered quality and tool back to private and public life?
To meet this challenge, the Worldwide Civility Council (WCC), a consortium of Freemasons, public leaders, and communication luminaries in the field of civility have created a number of tools and programs, including the Urgency of Civility™ conferences, the Certified Civil™ designation, our written and spoken word Civility Scorecard assessment tool, the Civility Shop, featuring a number of books, educational materials, and civility themed swag, Masonic Civility, and our Masonic and Community Civility Ambassadors Training Programs.